Pet Replicas


Only making dogs right now.

I plan to try cats, horses, and birds in the future.

Info up to date as of November 2021.

Important Info to Know
About Your Replica
  • Nothing can be created with 100% accuracy and perfection. Do not expect a carbon copy of your pet.

  • If there's something you have to have on your replica, like a special spot or stripe that meant the most to you, I will try my best to get that area as accurate as possible.

  • With that said, please expect that patterns and colors are only going to be about 85-90% accurate, based on the variations of color for different monitors & phone screens, pictures provided to me, and the process of scaling a full sized pet down to a handheld size model with different body proportions.

  • Your pet will be in my art style and replicated to the best of my ability.


  • Your replica will be about 2.5-4" long and 1.5-2.5" tall, give or take depending on the pose.

Things to Think About
For Your Replica
  • IMPORTANT, NEED TO SEE ON YOUR REPLICA - Things you absolutely have to have as accurate as possible on your pet. A special spot, a scar, your dog had one blue and one brown eye, they were missing a leg, they were always splooting their left leg and you loved that. Whatever it is, write it down and find pictures!

  • Poses - Laying down with head up or down, legs tucked under or splooting, laying on back, sitting up, playful with head down and butt up, standing, balancing on back feet sitting in a beg with front legs up, one paw up for a shake, sleeping, tongue out or in, drool face, etc.

  • Eyes - Hand-painted OR your dogs real eyes.

  • Props - bone, toy/ball, food dish or treat, blanket, etc. NO OUTFITS, just simple props.

How To Get Started
Order Wait List
  • Check to see if the Order Wait List below is open with available spots to purchase.
  • If open, you'll purchase a non-refundable deposit for a Pet Replica. This adds you to my Order List and pays for my time in discussing back and forth with you what you want to have done until we've solidified your order details.
  • If you don't see any deposits to purchase, the List's spots have all been filled and you'll have to wait until there are spots available again. These will be announced in advance on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Once on my Order List, I'll email you a number of where you are in line and an estimated wait time for when I'll be getting to your order next to collect details. Customs are completed in the order of who places a deposit first.
  • While waiting, PLEASE start gathering reference pictures and info so that when I contact you, you have those things ready.
  • Mementos START AT $150, unless otherwise stated.
  • Your deposit is applied to this price.
  • Prices are determined based on complexity. It's hugely dependent on what you want made. Simple designs, coat colors, and poses will cost less, while more complex designs, poses, and coat patterns will cost more.
  • If you're not picking up locally, shipping address is required for me to ship to you. All Replicas ship free in the US, and free over $200 if International.
  • I DO NOT SHIP TO THE UK, at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Most sculptures come with a free 3 1/2" square display box (when available & if your replica fits) to help keep your precious replica safe from dust and damage.
  • Please note that customs are priced higher than already made art because they are tailor-made specific to your requests and therefore take more of my time.
Collecting Order Details
  • I'll contact you for info & pictures, and we'll solidify total pricing when I reach your name on my Order List.
  • You need to start giving me pictures and info within 3 days of contacting you, or I move onto the next person in line and you're moved to the bottom of the list to wait again, while I move on to other customers who've been patiently waiting already.
  • Your order needs to be paid in full within 1 week of the date we solidify a price, before I will start work on your replica.
  • I also offer split payment plans for people who need a little more time than that.
  • If you can't pay in full within 1 week, or do a split payment plan, I'll have to remove you from the list entirely and move on to the next person in line.
Completed Orders
  • It takes 1-2 weeks to complete your order once started.
  • Completed orders being picked up locally, need to be picked up within 1 week, or else I will ship it by default to the home address you give me for your order details. So if you don't want it shipped, please pick it up before then.
  • If for any reason I am unable to make or finish your Mystical due to unforeseen major problems that completely prevent me from being able to finish your order, you will receive a full refund, minus the deposit, unless we haven't spent official time discussing your order in detail and you've just simply been waiting.

Each of my sculptures are completely handmade without the use of any molds and are tediously worked on to be as perfect as possible. I use Premo Sculpey for everything, being one of the more durable clay brands available.

When it comes to my sculptures, you can be absolutely certain that I only offer my very best and highest quality work.


If your sculpture is damaged upon delivery, for shipped orders, please refer to the Refunds & Shipping section found here, and contact me immediately. Thank you!