Custom Orders Information 

(Current as of April 2021)

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Welcome to my custom orders/special requests information page! The info here will be updated on a regular basis as I create more Mysticals and add more things offered for customs. You can find the form to download below. Just click the button, fill out, then email back to me. For those who don't trust downloads, please email me and I will send over an email version to fill out.

CUSTOM FORM ---->         Download form, fill out, & email to

Helpful Tips

If you're new to custom orders, it is best to allow for Artist Interpretation as much as possible, keep an open mind and just go with the flow and allow me to work without too many boundaries. What is “Artist Interpretation”? This means everyone’s art is different unless you’re copying someone else verbatim, so how I sculpt or color a pink and purple pony will be different than someone else even if it's the same pony. Please be aware and understand that what you imagine, and what I create based on what I imagine from your descriptions and pictures, will be different. I definitely encourage sending as many example pictures for color, pose, etc as you can of what you’re wanting if you want your sculpture to come out as close to your idea as possible. Anything that is important for you to see on your sculpture, please tell me about it. If you just want to fill in the basics and let me run wild with my own ideas and be totally surprised, I can definitely do that as well!

Please also remember that you’re choosing a custom in the Mini Mysticals art style. If you really don't like what you see now, that's not going to change by getting a custom made. You can view samples of my work for better ideas of what all I can do, by clicking on the Previous Sales & Customs Orders page above, or here, as well as head to my Instagram page here, for other examples not listed..


If there is something not listed below, it never hurts to ask if it’s something I’m willing to do or not!


Things I can do:

  • Almost any pose. I need examples of what you want if it’s outside the standard sitting, laying, standing poses.

  • Creatures: Dragons, Foxes, and Ponies & Unicorns ONLY. I don’t do any humans, sorry.

  • Other animals can be requested, but will be done at my discretion. In other words, I may say no or refer you to an artist who does what you're looking for, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

  • Wings (Feathered, Dragon/Bat, or Whispy/Fairy styles).

  • Horns/spikes/scales/furr.

  • Painted designs (simple and more detailed).

  • Simple props I don’t have to sculpt or are simple to sculpt (simple mini foods, beads, simple bows & flowers, etc).

  • Couples for cake toppers. Available in permanently connected, or able to be separated, options.

  • Bonsai Bead trees on a clay stone. All trees can be made in any color wire or bead that I have stock of.

  • Mini landscape Ring Holders, with or without a bead tree.

  • Customized Christmas Ornaments using the "design of the year", or a simple, small creature with a loop for hanging. (Only available Oct 1st- Dec 10th of any year)

  • Varied size ranges for length/height. Smaller DOES NOT automatically mean cheaper. Just as much time, if not more, goes into creating incredibly small works and details.

    • Mini = 1 - 1.5". Ping pong ball size.

    • Small = Bonsai trees. 2 - 3” average.

    • Standard = Ring holders and current size of all creature Mysticals in current sales. Fit in your palm or around 3-4" depending on pose.

    • Large = 4” to 5” tall/long/wide. Examples: White unicorn with purple hair 2019, phoenix fox 2019.



  • Copyright requests (IE: Disney, Marvel, Another Artist’s work, etc). “I’ve seen you do Toothless tho!”. While I did a Toothless and Light Fury back in 2019, they were made as a personal keepsake. My current style dragons share a couple features with Toothless, but are not an exact copy and still evolving. If I make any fan art, it will be for a giveaway only.

  • Anything with clothing or tools/weapons/etc. These are time consuming and no fun to sculpt unless I make the decision to make them. I will consider really simple things like I did for the Owl Couple, or can use already made things like a little wedding veil for a cake topper if you have one to supply me with that I just attach. We can discuss this further.

  • Anything sexually explicit.

  • Violence.


Prices are based on multiple factors including the amount of time spent, size, detail, pose, and complexity. This means prices vary greatly and it's hard to give an accurate range. Please note that customs are priced higher than already made items because they are tailor-made specific to your requests and therefore take more of my time.

-- Bonsai Bead Trees START at $30

-- Single sculpts START at $40

-- Couples/pairs START at $100

Each of my sculptures are completely handmade without the use of any molds and are tediously worked on to be as smooth and symmetrical as possible. I use Premo Sculpey for everything, being one of the more durable clays available. When it comes to my sculptures, you can be absolutely certain that I only offer my very best and highest quality work. My style can change over time as my creativity and skills improve, as is the case with all artists as they find their unique style. If there's an older style you'd prefer over a newer style, please understand that while you can request an older style, I may no longer be able to match a style I've outgrown. I try to keep picture samples up to date for the newest styles, but it's not always possible. Below are examples of simple, detailed, and complex works. The more complex or larger a piece gets, the more expensive it will be.



Simple usually means these don’t hold any props or have any crazy color patterns or poses, and consist of up to 3 colors either with clay or paint, and minimal techniques are used in the creation process. Up to 3 hours of work on a single piece.


Detailed works have a bit more complex color design or pattern, clay blends, more texture, painted design, more unique poses, or props are added. More techniques and skill are involved in the creation process. Up to 3-8 hours of work on a single piece.


Complex pieces are way more detailed with extra attention to the little things and require understanding of complex art techniques and skills that took years to develop. These pieces can have multiple colors, clay blends, detailed and intricate hand-painted work, interesting and complex patterns with a lot of texturing and layers both in clay and colors, sometimes multiple props (mostly handmade), have more difficult and unique poses, or are larger. Time to complete one piece can take anywhere from 8 hours up to 2 weeks of work depending on the piece.


Couples/Pairs/Wedding Cake Toppers:

These can be simple, detailed, complex, or whatever you want them to be. They can be posed almost any way you’d like and can be any color, clay or painted or both, and can hold multiple props. They can be made as two separate sculptures that you can place together for your look, or they can be sculpted and baked together as one sculpture that doesn’t separate. You can do a little family unit. These can be the same size as the detailed and complex Mysticals, or they can be bigger in size. Smaller, less detailed, and easier to make couples will be on the cheaper end. Time to completion can take anywhere from 8 hours up to 2 weeks of work depending on the request.

The more detailed, complex, and bigger in size you go on your custom, the higher the price will be. These categories are how I determine my pricing. Obviously if you start out simple but start adding on other things, it gradually works its way into the detailed or complex categories. Price will be determined after we’ve discussed what you want made!



1.  After your email is sent with the details of what you’d like, we’ll discuss what you’re wanting and solidify the design and price before I begin creating anything. If you want to make adjustments to the design in order to adjust the price, you can do that at this time.

For online orders, you can think on your design and what you want, as long as you need, as long as I don’t have other people waiting for custom spots to open up. If I have people waiting for custom spots, then I will politely ask that you have your custom details solidified within a week of sending in your custom order request, or you will be forced to forfeit your spot. For booth orders, your custom details will be solidified there at the booth.

2.  Once design is finalized, I ask for 50% down-payment fee upfront. This will be made through a listing I put up in the shop, or paid for in person if you're visiting my booth. You can also choose to pay the full amount if you wish. 

A down-payment is to ensure I am getting paid for at least the materials and some of the time put in to making your sculpture, should you decide to back out and don’t want the sculpture anymore.




This applies to all online and booth orders


3.  Once you have made your 50% down-payment and it has been processed, you have 24 HOURS TO REQUEST A CANCELLATION OF YOUR CUSTOM ORDER IF YOU WANT A FULL REFUND OF YOUR 50% DOWN-PAYMENT.


I begin work on your custom after this and I can’t un-use materials should you change your mind.

If you want to add on anything else to your custom that you happened to forget, please do so before the 24 hours ends. I will add up the new charges for what you’re wanting to add, and these will be added to your remaining payment balance due when the custom is completed.

Once I begin work on your custom, you cannot make changes/add-ons to your design.

4.  If for any reason after the 24 hour period, I am unable to make your custom due to unforeseen major problems that completely prevent me from being able to finish your order (IE: I'm in a coma/dead/hands damaged in an accident/can’t sculpt ever again) you WILL receive a complete full refund no questions asked.

5.  Once the sculpture is completed, I will send pictures and wait for confirmation. I will then set up a listing in the shop just for you where you will then pay the remaining balance you owe on your sculpture, plus any shipping if your total is under $100. Your custom will then be shipped out to you after payment has processed. You'll receive a tracking number.

6.  If you're picking up locally. You have two ways to pay. Online with a listing and you choose "picking up locally", or in person. You must make your final payment to me within 1 week of your order being completed. Failure to due this will result in a complete forfeit of your sculpture, NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you pay online, you have 1 month from that final payment to pick up your order before you completely forfeit your sculpture. I meet on Saturday between 1-5 if I'm free, or if I have an event, I'm happy to have you pick it up there. I will contact you the first time to set up a meeting, after that it is entirely up to you to arrange pick up of your sculpture if you have to cancel or change plans.

7. LOCAL PICK UPS ONLY. If for any reason you feel like you will not be able to pick up your sculpture in person within 1 months time after paying in full, and do not want to forfeit your sculpture, then I will ship it to you by setting up a shop listing that will cover the shipping cost. You'll receive a tracking number. 

    If you do not want your sculpture shipped, and are NOT able to pick up your sculpture in 1 month's time, and all attempts to reach you and schedule pick up have failed, you will be forced to forfeit your sculpture. NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS. I'm not a storage unit and have very limited space for holding onto completed orders.

8.  If your sculpture is damaged in transit (ONLY SHIPPED ORDERS), please refer to the Returns & Refunds section found here, and contact me immediately. Thank you!