Custom Mysticals


The info here is NOT for Pet Replicas.

If you're looking to have a memento made, please refer to the Pet Replicas page.

Please check below for slot availability.

If you don't see anything, all spots are currently filled.

Info up to date as of May 2022

Important Info To Know
  • Everyone’s art is different, so how I sculpt and color will be different than someone else, even if it's the same request. This also applies to the image in YOUR mind, and what I create based on the image in my mind from your descriptions and pictures given.
  • The best thing to do is keep an open mind and allow for "Artist Interpretation" as much as possible. The more you expect the exact image you have in your mind, the more disappointed you'll be when it doesn't come out that way 100%.
  • Sending as many example pictures as you can for color, pose, expression, etc that you’re wanting, is highly recommended if you're looking for your sculpture to come out as close to your idea as possible. If you want to give me full creative freedom, I can do that as well.
  • Remember that you’re choosing a custom in the Mini Mysticals art style. If you really don't like what you see now, that's not going to change by getting a custom made.
  • For examples of my work, please visit my Instagram page.
Things I Can Do
  • Almost any pose.

  • Creatures: Both Fantasy & Realistic Mysticals within these categories - Dragons, Corgons & Corgis, Foxes, Ponies.

  • Other animals can be requested, but I'll most likely refer you to another artist who does what you're looking for much better than I can.

  • Wings (Feathered, Dragon/Bat, or Whispy/Fairy styles).

  • Horns/spikes/scales/furr.

  • Painted designs (simple and more detailed).

  • Simple props I don’t have to sculpt or are simple to sculpt.

  • Couples: Permanently connected, or able to be separated.

  • Bonsai Bead trees on a clay stone. All trees can be made in any color wire or bead that I have stock of.

  • Faux Stone Earrings in whatever colors you want.

  • Different poses or colors of something you saw in the online shop or at an event.


  • All creatures 2.5 - 4" in length/height, depending on pose, no smaller. I do slightly bigger if requested for a cake topper.

  • Bead trees: 2 - 3.

  • Humans, in any capacity. You'll be referred to another artist who specializes in this already.

  • Copyright requests (IE: Disney, Marvel, Another Artist’s work, etc). If I make any fan art, it will be for a giveaway only.

  • Anything with clothing or tools/weapons/etc. These are time consuming and no fun to sculpt unless I make the decision to make them. I will consider really simple things like bows, hats, ties, etc, you'll just have to run it by me first. I can also use already made things like a little wedding veil for a cake topper if you have one to supply me with that I just attach.

  • Anything sexually explicit.

  • Violence

​If there is something not listed in either section, it never hurts to ask if it’s something I’m willing to do or not!

How To Get Started
Order Wait List
  • Check to see if the Order Wait List below is open with available spots to purchase.
  • If open, you'll purchase a non-refundable deposit for the listing that best applies to what you're wanting.
  • This adds you to my Order List and pays for my time in discussing back and forth with you what you want to have done until we've solidified your order details.
  • If you don't see any deposits to purchase, the List's spots have all been filled and you'll have to wait until there are spots available again. These will be announced in advance on Instagram and Facebook.
The listings are as follows:
  • NON-CREATURE Custom Mystical listing for earrings, ring holders, and bead trees.
  • CREATURE Custom Mystical listing for all single creatures both fantasy and realistic.
  • CREATURE COUPLE Custom Mystical listing for all creature pairs both fantasy and realistic.
  • Once on my Order List, I'll email you a number of where you are in line and an estimated wait time for when I'll be getting to your order next to collect details. Customs are started in the order of who places a deposit first, per different listing.
  • While waiting, PLEASE start gathering reference pictures and info so that when I contact you, you have those things ready.
  • Non-creature Mysticals START AT $25.
  • Single Creature Mysticals START AT $50.
  • Creature Couple Mysticals START AT $100.
  • Prices can range higher, but it's hugely dependent on what you want made. Simple designs, colors, and poses take less time, materials, and tools than more complex designs do.
  • Your deposit is applied to this price.
  • Shipping address is required for both local pickup and not. If you live in the US, shipping is free over $120, and free over $200 if International.
  • If order is under $120 & you're picking up locally, I will require shipping to be paid. This covers costs in the event I have to ship to you because I just can't get a hold of you for any reason to deliver your order. You'll be refunded this cost upon pickup.
  • I DO NOT SHIP TO THE UK, at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Please note that customs are priced higher than already made items because they are tailor-made specific to your requests and therefore take more of my time.
Collecting Order Details
  • I'll contact you for info & pictures, and we'll solidify total pricing when I reach your name on my Order List.
  • You need to start giving me pictures and info within 7 days of contacting you, or I move onto the next person in line and you're moved to the bottom of the list to wait again, while I move on to other customers who've been patiently waiting already.
  • Your order needs to be paid in full within 1 week of final payment request being sent, before I will start work on your Mystical.
  • I also offer split payment plans for people who need a little more time than that.
  • If you can't or won't pay in full within 1 week, or do a split payment plan, I'll have to remove you from the list entirely and move on to the next person in line, still no refunds.
Completed Orders
  • It takes 1-2 weeks to complete your order once started.
  • Completed orders being picked up locally, need to be picked up within 1 week, or else I will ship it by default to the home address you give me for your order details. So if you don't want it shipped, please pick it up before then.
  • If for any reason I am unable to make or finish your Mystical due to unforeseen major problems that completely prevent me from being able to finish your order, you will receive a full refund, minus the deposit, unless we haven't spent official time discussing your order in detail and you've just simply been waiting.

Each of my sculptures are completely handmade without the use of any molds and are tediously worked on to be as perfect as possible. I use Premo Sculpey for everything, being one of the more durable clay brands available.

When it comes to my sculptures, you can be absolutely certain that I only offer my very best and highest quality work.


If your sculpture is damaged upon delivery, for shipped orders, please refer to the Refunds & Shipping section found here, and contact me immediately. Thank you!