How do I get a custom order made?

1.  I have 4 different types of customs. Pet Replicas, and Mysticals in Non-Creature, Creature, and Creature Couples. Each category gets it's own listing.

To have a custom order made in any of these 4 categories, there has to be open deposit slots available. I take a limited amount of orders monthly and once they're filled up, they're only open again once I've completed those orders and can take on new ones. You can find these spots available on the Pet Replica and Custom Mysticals pages.

2.  If there are available slots for the type of custom you are wanting, you'll purchase a slot. This slot is a deposit which places you on my Order List as a reservation, as well as pays for my time in talking back and forth with you about your order in detail to solidify your request and final pricing.

3.  Once you're on the list, you're guaranteed a custom order! Now you just have to sit back and wait for my email to you letting you know I'm ready to work on your order and we go from there!

How often do you release new pre-made Mysticals?

I try to list new things up when life allows, usually on Saturday or Sunday. I'll announce in advance on Instagram and Facebook pages beforehand so that everyone gets a fair shot at the Mystical they want!

***Please remember that I am only one person, not a company that pumps out thousands of machine and factory made sculptures. I don't use molds either, which means each sculpture is handmade with love, care, and attention to detail, which makes each piece uniquely its own, even if I make two of the same exact Mysticals.***

What are your prices?

Prices are highly dependent on what it is. Things can be as low as $20 and as high as $300+. Shipping price is determined at checkout depending on your method of shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

(Until the post office stops putting restrictions in place to certain countries, I'm not currently shipping international. Stay tuned!)


Yes! Some country restrictions may apply, especially due to COVID, and all buyers pay any customs fees. The only country I don't ship to right now outside of COVID restrictions, is the UK due to new policies put in place that make shipping things to there a lot more difficult.

How long will it take to receive my new mystical?

Due to COVID, delays should be expected. All completed USA orders are shipped out with your choice of USPS Priority, or USPS First-Class shipping. First class times were 3-7 days, and Priority was 2-3 days. I would add a few days each to those ranges. I have found that first class is really good about coming around the same speed as Priority shipping, and it's cheaper too. First class is only up to a certain weight however, so all heavier sculpts will automatically be sent Priority. I offer USPS International shipping as well. Delivery times range between 2 weeks and 2 months or longer depending on your country and world delays. Shipping is free over orders of $120 in the US, and free over $200 for International.


Due to the nature of Mysticals, each sculpture is sent in their own padded box. I can only offer combined shipping if I can safely package two sculptures into one box. This isn't always possible. Shipping price is determined at checkout depending on your method of shipping. If it charges you for one box shipping price, but you've ordered multiple things and I can't package things together into one shipment, I will have to set up additional shipping charges to your order. However, if I'm able to package multiples together, and it charges you for double shipping, I will reimburse any shipping charge overages as I'm packing up orders for shipment.


How did you get started? 

Art talent has always run in my family, from drawing and sketching, to painting and coloring. After trying my hand at drawing more times than I could count, my stuff never evolving passed stick figures, I decided the talent must have skipped right over me and I decided to quit while I was ahead. Around 2014 I came across a few talented sculptors on Facebook through friends who liked their pages, and I fell in love with the craft and decided to try my hand at it myself... After all, it IS a part of the art family.

I'd never been good at 2D things, but 3D was always something I felt easier to grasp, and I've always loved working with my hands. I had zero experience in the sculpting world though, so wasn't sure how I'd fair. I did research and took notes FOR 3 YEARS before I decided to just TRY, and in the Spring of 2017 I made my first sculpture. It was very amateur and looked nothing like my stuff does now. My husband had very little faith that I would create something even close to good on the first try, so when his jaw dropped, I knew I was onto something and did another piece with such incredible improvement that I knew I had found my talent in the art family.


With every new piece I create, I find myself perfecting my natural talent, learning new things along the way all the time, and loving every moment! It really helps to keep me focused and relaxed. And even though it can be frustrating at times, I love the challenge!

What are your eyes made out of?

All eyes are made of glass and either hand-painted or made to look like real eyes. I will not share my process for either of these. Artists have to retain SOME mystery, just like magicians can't give away all their tricks ;)

More FAQ will be added as I receive repeat questions