This is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to be added to the Order List for PET REPLICAS, and for the back and forth time I will be putting in to discuss your replica details with you. Please read the Pet Replicas page fully before proceeding with purchase.


  • Everyone on this list is guaranteed a Pet Replica! This isn't just a wait list.
  • This deposit will be applied to your total replica price.
  • You'll be emailed within 24-48 hours of placing your deposit to get started on collecting your details. Please save to your safe contacts list. Double check both SPAM AND JUNK EMAILS if you haven't received an email from me within 72 hours.
  • Please have your pictures and/or videos, and information gathered up, for when I contact you ready to start.
  • From the date I ask for your replica info, you will have 2 weeks to START giving me this info. If you can't get this to me in 2 weeks, you'll be removed from the list completely, NO REFUNDS, and your spot will open up to someone else who's been patiently waiting to get on the list and has their information already ready to go. If you feel you can't adhere to finding your pictures and getting started within 2 weeks, please don't place a deposit. Wait for a future open spot when you are more prepared and have everything ready to go right away.
  • Once order details are solidified between us both, you'll receive a link to your final payment listing.
  • Unless otherwise discussed, failure to pay in full within 1 week, or payments over 4 weeks +10% convenience fee, will result in your order being put on pause for 30 days. After 30 days I'll request payment within 72 hours or your order will be cancelled, NO REFUNDS.
  • Work on replicas is not started until paid in full, and orders are worked on in the order of when final payments are received. You'll be notified at that time where in line your order is, and approx wait time.


This listing will show as OUT OF STOCK when spots are filled or unavailable, and will only open again once all orders have been completed, or spots become available.

Open spots will be announced in advance as to their release, so watch Instagram, Facebook, or check above the listing for open spot announcements!


By purchasing a deposit, you are electronically signing an agreement that you have read and understand fully all rules and info for Pet Replica purchase, including the set of rules that if broken will get your order cancelled without refund.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'd be happy to help!

Thank you!!

Pet Replica Order Deposit

Out of Stock