These here are beautiful little colorful pieces of paradise that are meant to be used as a Ring Holder, or Dice Holder if you're a gamer, for someone looking for something unique and different to hold your rings or dice! If you're not into rings or dice, then you can also use it for other small things you don't want to lose, like stud earrings, charms, etc, or have it be a beautiful display piece to look at and admire!The landscape and flowers are 100% handmade of polymer clay and hand-painted with mica pigments, and the trees are also meticulously crafted using wire and glass beads. Rings in the pictures are a size 9 to give an idea of what fits inside the flower. These colorful landscape ideas were inspired by one of my favorite games called No Man's Sky, an absolutely beautiful exploration game full of unique fantasy like planets full of all different kinds of colored animal and plant life! This design is uniquely Mini Mysticals, and was created out of a need to put my ring somewhere when I take it off to sculpt, that wasn't just a plain and boring flat dish. 	These are roughly about 2 1/2"-3" tall X 3"-3 1/2" diameter. Pictures posted in hand for size comparison.	Please allow up to 3 days to ship your order once payment is processed.	Although I use one of the most durable polymer clays that holds up well to handling, this is still not meant to be played with like a toy, and should be handled with care.	You may need to slightly re-arrange tree branches upon opening your package.	This is stamped on the bottom with the Mini Mysticals artist mark.If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'd be happy to help!Thank you!!

Ring Holders (2019 Edition)

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    If your package arrives smashed to a pulp due to USPS negligence, PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING IMMEDIATELY: Take pictures BEFORE OPENING THE PACKAGE, including the shipping label!  Please then open the box and take pictures of the inside as well. Send all of your pictures to I will then file a claim with USPS and we will go from there.

    If the box arrives just fine and you open it up to find there is a very minor break or two just from the travel, you can do one of the following. A. Fix it using Gorilla Glue Gel. This is what I do for minor breaks. B. Pay to ship it back to me in the original boxes and packaged the way you opened it, and I can fix it for you, no charge to ship back to you.


    If your sculpture ever has a major break in the far future due to an accident and you are absolutely heartbroken over the thought of losing a precious keepsake, please contact me and we can discuss if it's possible to repair it. If repairable, I'm happy to fix this for a small fee.

    If the sculpture is severly damaged beyond repair, I'm happy to remake your sculpture as best as I can, at the same cost you purchased your sculpture at, even if prices have gone up, and regardless of if my custom order status is open or closed.

    If you have any questions about this policy, please contact me at

    Thank you!!