• All US packages are shipped either USPS First Class, or USPS Priority. Delivery takes 2-7 days, but is typically closer to 2-3 days.

  • For international shipping, all packages are shipped USPS International. Current rates start at around $20 and go up from there. Delivery times can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months.

  • All international buyers are responsible for any customs fees.

  • If you're a LOCAL BUYER, please select the LOCAL option at checkout for a pickup free option. DO NOT SELECT LOCAL IF YOU'RE NOT PICKING UP LOCALLY.

  • Due to the nature of the items being shipped, I can't package multiple sculptures into one box without risking them being damaged in transit.

  • If your purchase is over $100 in the US, I offer free shipping.

  • If your purchase is over $200 outside the US, I offer free shipping minus custom fees.

  • If you're purchasing multiple sculpts and I'm able to package them safely together, I reimburse you for any shipping overcharges.




If your package arrives smashed to a pulp due to USPS negligence,


  • Take pictures BEFORE OPENING THE PACKAGE, all sides, including the shipping label!

  • Please open the box and take pictures of the inside as well, including the sculpture(s) and ALL broken pieces.

  • Send all of your pictures to

  • Please break up the photos into multiple emails in order to have them send properly. 18mb max attachment per email please.

  • I will then file a claim with USPS and we will go from there.

  • I will keep in constant contact with you to get the situation resolved ASAP!

  • I can only offer to remake a sculpture. No refunds.


If your package arrives in good condition, but your sculpture has a very minor break or two just from the travel and is an easy fix:

  • Follow all steps above for MAJOR BREAKS.

  • I will file a claim with USPS, but USPS unfortunately has been known to throw blame on the seller for having poor packaging (even if that's not at all the case) if the box isn't damaged beyond acceptable on the ouside. If they reimburse me damages, then I can send you a re-make for free. If not, please read further.

So you're left with the following options if USPS decides to be dumb:

  • 1. If you don't want to go through the hassle of option 2 below, then minor fixes can be made using Gorilla Glue Gel.​ This works extremely well and will fix most minor damages like new. This is how I fix minor damages.

  • 2. If the glue method isn't good enough or the break is a bit more than something glue could fix and the sculpture still look good after application, then you have two options. Both options involve you to ship the sculpture back to me along with all the broken pieces, in the original boxes with the same packaging material, and packaged the way you opened it (to prevent further damage on the way back here). Once the sculpture arrives, I can do one of two things:

  • FOR USA RESIDENTS. A. Fix it for you no charge, no charge to ship it back to yo u, and reimburse you shipping.... OR B. You pay half the original cost for a re-made sculpture, no reimbursed shipping, and no shipping cost back to you.

  • FOR INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTS. A. Fix it for you no charge and you pay for shipping both to me, and back ($40+ for both ways combined).... OR B. You pay half the original cost for a re-made sculpture, no reimbursed shipping, and no shipping cost back to you. There's no easy way to do this because shipping international is expensive and I just can't afford to cover all the shipping costs the way I can in the US. If it's a minor damage that glue can fix, then please do that as your best option. It's not worth the hassle to ship anything back to me and spend even more on shipping for a really small break that glue can fix.

Why can't I just get a free sculpture re-make or refund?"

  1. Firstly, I package my sculptures very thoughtfully and securely. They are carefully wrapped in fluffy polyester and placed into a small box. That box is then placed inside another bigger box, and wrapped in a few layers of bubble wrap to secure it in the center where it can't be jostled around. The box I use is a thick, durable cardboard, square shape, and not very movable on the sides unless someone was going out of their way to smash the box. If the sculpture is too big for the box in box method (which can be pricey), then I do a super pack method using a ton of polyester cotton fluff that helps secure the sculpture from breaks.

  2. With that said, I'm not responsible for how USPS or any other postal service handles packages once they leave my hands. Machines eat and destroy boxes, employees can have bad days and take it out on the packages they are supposed to handle with care, even if there is a Fragile label on the box. Accidents happen. I'm not responsible for these accidents. If the box is in utter ruins, USPS SHOULD cover damage costs based on included insurance on packages, of which I will then happily make you a new one and send it again, no cost to you, but only after USPS covers the damage and reimburses me. I'm not sure how this works for international orders and can't guarantee the same as I can for USA orders, I apologize!

  3. IF for some reason the package is smashed to pieces and USPS doesn't reimburse me for reasons unknown, no matter how much I fight it, and the sculpture is beyond repair with just glue, don't worry... I will take care of you! Follow all steps listed above under the Major Breaks section.


If your sculpture ever has a major break in the far future (1 year+ from date of purchase) due to an accident and you are absolutely heartbroken and devastated over the thought of losing a precious keepsake, please contact me and we can discuss if it's possible to repair it. If repairable, I'm happy to fix this for a very small fee.

If the sculpture is severely damaged beyond repair, I'm happy to remake your sculpture as best as I can, at the same cost you purchased your sculpture at, even if prices have gone up, and regardless of if my custom order status is open or closed, or permanently closed. I will MAKE TIME for you!

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact me at