Helping Ukraine


 This sad sunflower dragon was made to help Ukraine!

I decided I didn't want to do an auction because that limits the amount of people that can donate to a good cause and still hope to receive something for their generosity. So I decided that this dragon will be a GIVEAWAY dragon by way of donations to Ukraine!

Read below for more entry details!


-- Purchase a sunflower! (listing below)

-- Each sunflower purchase will get you 10 entries into the drawing.

-- You can choose a trinket, necklace charm, or ornament version, with or without a single green leaf.

-- Necklace chains are sold separately if you want a chain. Cost does not go towards donations.

-- You must live inside the USA as I'm not currently shipping internationally.

I have enough clay to do about 40-50 sunflowers in yellow. If you want a different color than yellow, please contact me! I'm happy to do other colors.

I am not making a single dime doing this. Of the $15 collected, $5 will go towards helping me cover materials & shipping costs, the remaining $10 will go to help Ukraine's army and humanitarian outreach, and I am eating all other costs. If successful, all flowers sold will help us be able to donate at least $400 - 500, and you'll have a beautiful handmade sunflower as appreciation for your donation, as well as a chance at winning the sunflower dragon! It's a win-win for both sides!

If you would like to donate but don't care about a sunflower purchase or entry for the giveaway, or don't live in the US, but you still want to help, please go and donate here!

It's a safe, legit place to make your donations directly to Ukraine! All donations I collect will be sent to the same place, split evenly between their humanitarian efforts and army.

Thank you, you amazing people!!


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