Things to add later to website if asked

My sculpture was damaged, why can't I just get a free sculpture re-make or refund?"

  1. Firstly, I package my sculptures very thoughtfully and securely. They are carefully wrapped in fluffy polyester and placed into a small box. That box is then placed inside another bigger box, and wrapped in a few layers of bubble wrap to secure it in the center where it can't be jostled around. The box I use is a thick, durable cardboard, square shape, and not very movable on the sides unless someone was going out of their way to smash the box. If the sculpture is too big for the box in box method (which can be pricey), then I do a super pack method using a ton of polyester cotton fluff that helps secure the sculpture from breaks.

  2. With that said, I'm not responsible for how USPS or any other postal service handles packages once they leave my hands. Machines eat and destroy boxes, employees can have bad days and take it out on the packages they are supposed to handle with care, especially if there is a Fragile label on the box. Accidents happen. I'm not responsible for these accidents. If the box is in utter ruins, USPS SHOULD cover damage costs based on included insurance on packages, of which I will then happily make you a new one and send it again, no cost to you, but only after USPS covers the damage and reimburses me. I'm not sure how this works for international orders and can't guarantee the same as I can for USA orders, I apologize!

  3. IF for some reason the package is smashed to pieces and USPS doesn't reimburse me for reasons unknown, no matter how much I fight it, and the sculpture is beyond repair with just glue, I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU.

Complex pieces are way more detailed with extra attention to the little things and require understanding of complex art techniques and skills that took years to develop. These pieces can have multiple colors, clay blends, detailed and intricate hand-painted work, interesting and complex patterns with a lot of texturing and layers both in clay and colors, sometimes multiple props (mostly handmade), have more difficult and unique poses, or are larger. Time to complete one piece can take anywhere from 8 hours up to 2 weeks of work depending on the piece.

How do your sales work?

I have three kinds of sales. Pre-made, Made-To-Order, and Mystery Sales.

---- PRE--MADE SALES involve sculptures that I've already made, without any wait times for creation, which means they're ready to be shipped out to their new homes once payment has processed.

---- MADE--TO--ORDER SALES are just that...made when ordered and are not already done and waiting. On the Made-To-Order listing there will be a preview picture of what sculpture is available to be made when ordered, and you'll receive what you see, but not a carbon copy as every sculpture is unique. These sales are available in batches of 3-6 at a time so I have the time to complete and ship your new little friend quickly! An order can take upwards of 2 weeks to create, complete, and be packed up and ready for shipping.

---- MYSTERY SALES are special listings that provide the element of surprise! The sale provides a theme, and type of animal/tree piece, and that's what you receive at random. You won't know anything except the theme and will see previous examples of what you COULD get, but you won't know what you get until you open the box! It's a complete mystery!

          So for example, say the theme is "Beach" and Dragon... You can get a dragon in any pose I think of, any color combination I think of with beachy vibes and colors, from ocean blues to sandy tans and creams, to added accessories of seaweed, beach toys, and even real beach shells or sand. Anything is possible through what my imagination comes up with! These sales work like Made-To-Order sales except they will take upwards of 3 weeks to create, complete, and be packed up and ready for shipping.

I try to list new items up every 2-4 weeks when life allows, usually on Saturday or Sunday, and which are announced on my Facebook and Instagram pages as to the time, and will always mention if I need to postpone or move a sale to a different day. Things can come up!

***Please remember that I am only one person, not a company that pumps out thousands of machine and factory made sculptures. Each sculpture is handmade with love, care, and attention to detail, which makes each piece uniquely its own, even if I make two of the same exact Mysticals.***